I want to show you a simple way on how you can start making at least #20,000 every week here in Nigeria. This business is call information marketing. Information marketing is one of the most legitimate online business. Information marketing is all about getting information and package them either on pdf format or in any other format for people to download. There are a lot people who are looking for business ideas to buy. Our training manual is going to guide you on how you can make at least a minimum of #20,000 every week selling important business ideas. Most of these business ideas you will be selling online are business ideas that people are really look for. There are a lot of people out there that are really looking for some business ideas.
One good thing about information marketing business is that is a business that does not require capital to start.All you need is to get our comprehensive training guide that will guide you step by step on how to start the business. We are going to provide all you need to start the business.
The following are some of the business E-book we are going to give you:
–    Recharge card printing business
–    Mini importation business
–    Gsm short code business
–    Bulk sms business
–    Football betting
–    Online Exportation business
–    How to make money with jumia
We are still going to provide at least 50 places where you are going to be marketing this business E-books. There is no how you can sell at least 4 E-books in a week. If you tag the prize of each E-book for #5000 which means you will be making #20,000 every week.
The training E-book contains the 7 materials you will be selling online.

1.    If you want the manual to contain the 7 materials you will be selling online it goes for #10,000
2.    If you want the manual to contain 1 material you will be selling online it goes for #4000

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